Characters start depends on highest stat:
Dex =

Your character had been ship bound for many a days. Caught up in a horrible storm. Wind is roaring by, waves flood the deck. The ships navigator Menard has guaranteed the ship will soon hit land. But none can control it, the ship is sinking.

The captain is nowhere in sight and the crew is quickly disappearing into the crash of the waves. Menard screams for help, but you see your personal chest slowly rocking towards the edge, it might be all you have left. Menard has fallen and is hanging off the edge. A 20’ wave is heading your way, it might even knock you off your feet, better get a grip soon.

—Save Menard, gain a follower, he is good at directions but is weak from a poison.
—Save your chest (Gain a weapon), but end up in the water, you see a plank of wood, and a life raft nearby. (can swim to or risk drowning), the raft has a hole and must have water removed.
—Save yourself, you hold onto the ship.

CRASH into the Mansion.
Intel =
Wake up in Mansion Library.

Each room can be explored, searched, attempt to leave, attempt to light, find the door, search for clues.

Elf =
Wake up from a long slumber, you recall a hammer coming at your head, but don’t know why. You seem to be locked in a caravan, there are others but they are asleep. You see a large Mansion nearby and your stomach is growling, you can’t remember the last time you ate. Maybe the mansion has food, or you can hunt in the woods. You notice a bar loose in the caravan. Or perhaps you could stay and see where they take you.
—Attempt to break free from caravan. (Strength/Dex roll to remove bar) Fall into a hole.
—Attempt to wake up other prisoners, Charisma role for help. Run into the woods.
—Stay in caravan, it will fall over and you will break free, roll for HP damage. Fall in a hole

Continue in the woods or fall into a cave underneath the mansion

Wake up at a bar…

Wake up in a closet, unless elf*

Mansion Save North path = Exit, East Path = back to mansion hidden staircase.